On February 22,2016 in İstanbul,Turkey-Somalia business forum speaker, President of DEIK Omer Cihad Vardan stated that we contribute to Somalia’s development, humanitarian aid, investment and foreign trade.In the light of this assessment, Dr. Metin Gursan attended the DEİK meeting on behalf of SNU, for talks over SNU’s development, promotion and improvement projects with officials.


In Somalia – Turkey Business Forum,Turkey Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Lütfü Elvan has been informed about agreements and talks held in Turkey for SNU by Dr. Metin Gürsan. He was asked for support for training, industry and animal husbandry in Somali. Mr. Elvan conveyed the subject to Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid  Ali Sharmak and asked for support.


In the light of the agreement that Republic of Turkey  Economics Minister Mr. Mustafa Elitaş signed,SNU’s cooperation protocol held in Turkey was given to Somali Central Bank Vice President Meryem Yusuf and asked for support for financing and insurance services.


We have talked about the importance of university-industry cooperation backed by the Veterinary Faculty Scholars with Turkish-Somali  business council chairman Mr. Ahmet Sami İşler, who is active in the construction business in Somali.

We conveyed subject fields about contacts that can get in with near 4,000 Somalian students in Turkey and training and continuing education after graduation to Somalia Selam Bank employees and the Chamber of Commerce official.