Muharrem SELÇUK, General Director of Food and Control Department of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Turkey listened to the problems of Somalia by accepting Somali State University (SNU) Rector Prof.Dr.Muhammed Ahmed Jimali in his office in Ankara. Deputy General Director Assoc. Dr. Veli Gülyaz and SNU Turkey coordinator Dr. Mehin Gürsan were present at the meeting. General Manager Selçuk stated that he graduated from Atatürk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection between 1997 – 2004 and he was working as an engineer at Diyarbakır Plant Protection Research Institute and stated that he is aware of both agrarian struggle and other matters. Rector Jimale said that they had 6.5 million camel animals in Somalia but they were not successful in fighting with the SARS virus. They said that they needed analysis laboratories in this regard and that they wanted to help them now that they had been interviewing at TIKA. In the laboratories of the General Directorate in Istanbul, Veterinary health products and they have the all kinds of possibilities for public health, food processing and quarantine work .

Assoc.Dr.Veli Gülyaz said that he is an academist and bureaucrat so they can study viruses like mers or  sars,Rector Jimali replied that he is a veterinary professor.SNU Turkey Coordinator Dr. Mehin Gürsan said that they wanted to work in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine but they did not receive support from the top management and they wanted to work with the Ministry of the Republic of Turkey for this reason that it was both academical and bureaucratic in that it was the most indigent country of Afrika, this is the reason why he brought the SNU Rector  here. Muharrem SELÇUK, General Manager of Food and Control Department of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of T.C stated that they will do the necessary studies for the subject after meeting with Minister Faruk Çelik.