SNU RECTOR AT YÖK( Council of Higher Education)

SNU Rector Prof.Dr.Ahmed Jimali and SNU Turkey Coordinator Dr. Metin Gürsan went to the council of higher education (YÖK)building in Ankara,Bilkent on 4th May 2017 Thursday and get information about Mevlana Exchange Program and Accreditation.

YÖK Academic Exchange Unit Specialist Ayşegül Kutay Gündoğan‘s meeting was attended by experts of the subject. Mevlana Exchange Program Expert Dr.Esra Ebru Mavi informs about the studies of the Academic Exchange, Support and License Completion Unit and gives a sample of protocol between the Somali University of SNU and the Turkish Universities to apply the Mevlana Program by giving to the Somali Rector. The amounts to be transferred to the institutions through the exchange program by the YÖK law  numbered 28034 and brought in 2011 and made explanations about the accounting for them.

Later on,YÖK International Relations Unit Somali Chief Akif Ataman was discussed. SNU Rectorate and Turkish Coordinator departed YÖK after lunch and moved to Urfa province for the Mevlana Exchange Protocol with Harran University.