Turkish Government does its best for presenting and offering various and important services for Somalia.Turkish people and world community follows this closely.We also have been making efforts in the form of campaign for university.How can you get involved in these activities?Here’s the answer:

1.You are asked to fill in the form below to get in lobby activities.In case of university institution, our personnels are going to call you back from the phone number you leave and talk about what we can do.We will tryst and have face to face interviews if necessary.

2.If it is a private organization,we perform works related to your field.For example, we can send a Somalian academic staff or students from SNU for advanced specialization training or internship at your institution.If you have any personnels highly trained, we can provide them to train pursuant to ‘remote constant’ education at your company or their workplace. So, you will be able to make your name on the campaign for Somali between the public and private sector.You will be a part of  reconstruction of the social project themed ‘continuing education for Somali’ .There is a huge necessity on this subject. If you ask why,until today, western comers to Africa including Somali, have exploited its natural sources but never trained them to take advantage of it.However, we are determined to train them permanently.Because models of education founded in universities will pass down. This education was launched at a state university in Somali in the presence of public institutions and organizations of the Republic of Turkey.


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