After the protocol signed with the Somali State University (SNU), the President of the Iğdır University Prof.Dr.Hakkı Alma said that the collaboration was formed through mutual agreements and that the Mevlana program in the legislation of YÖK(Council of Higher Education) was a framework protocol. However, he pointed out that the protocol, which is important for the region, will be the starting point that will be a precedent for cooperation between states and even for all the African countries which are Islamic countries. He expressed his views on the subject as follows: ‘Coordinate activities of research, implementation, education and publishing in agriculture, animal husbandry and food issues in our university. , Iğdır University Agricultural Research and Application Center (TUAM), which is established with the aim of organizing congresses, symposiums, seminars and similar meetings on issues related to domestic and foreign agricultural researches. We can work with Somali State University in TUAM. We will use our opportunities to work with both university students and academicians to implement agricultural machinery in arable and animal husbandry areas of our region. In addition, SNU Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jimali and SNU Turkey Coordinator Dr. Mehin Gursan in Ankara talked with Muharrem Selçuk, Director General of Food and Agriculture Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock  on this subject when they told me that some studies on camel animals in Somalia would start. Then we would like to work in University-Ministry-Ministry-Private sector joint-like manner with our university. Also cotton grows in our region. We have high value for added value for erosion. Our work in our solar energies; In all areas of arid Africa, We can use our experience and knowledge to be in Somalia in all studies. We have the means to make the idle African land, such as the fertile Igdir Plain, productive, we have the knowledge. TIKA- Development Agency Yada Africa Development Bank Iğdır University will prepare the project and we will work on this subject to provide support and facilities from the related institution. Our goal is to support Somalia, which is the entrance gate of Africa, which our President, Mr. Reecep Tayyip Erdogan, attaches great importance to public support with Iğdır University, which is a science and technology opportunity while improving our region.

SNU Rector Prof. Dr. Mudammed Ahmed Jimale, who was very pleased with the protocol  with Iğdır University, said: “I am quite satisfied with the interest to Somalia in Turkey. After Samsun and Harran universities, Iğdır University welcomed us. I hope that these protocols will be implemented. I always say that when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to Somalia in 2011, we have been always thankful for the hospitals and other services there. We will add even more strength to this valuable support by working together as state colleges now. It is our desire from you to teach us how to catch  fish. We want you to educate our academics neither than helping them. Especially we  bring technical staff from other countries like Kenya and cities such as Dubai, we have to choose educated people from our own people as well as intermediate people and public people so that we can do our own work with our own people. We want it as a university, ‘he said.


Then, Iğdır University Rector Prof.Dr. Alma Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) financial support, Iğdır Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Iğdır Provincial Administration in the direction of the protocol in line with the existing Igdir Animal Hospital and Somali SNU can work together with the veterinarian Prof.Dr. Jimali “This issue is very important for both my university and my country Somalia as well as for Muslim countries. Because we have 8 million hectares of agricultural land. We have 6.5 million units. “