Presidency spokesman,ambassador Mr.İbrahim Kalin’s Somali statement in press conference



Last week,our president made a visit to Africa including 3 countries.Uganda,Kenya and finally Somali.I would like to underline it with a sentence,our Mr.President’s visits to African countries are resuming as a follow up of African expansion which Turkey has implemented since 2005.These visits will continue at diffrent manners.But the courtesy that the countries which we  have visited showed toTurkey is extemely satisfactory,it’s a source of pride and joy for all of us.

Because all the African’s say that at eveywhere we went,even in East Africa or West Africa,even under Sahara or below Sahara,including North Africa:’’Turkey doesn’t have a secret agenda,Turkey’s help model is a real model, holding the hands of Africans and making them equal treatment.Thank God Turkey doesn’t have an imperialist history in this geography or any other geography,we have already bond of communion,our studies will continue to have more powerful,political,economic and diplomatic relations after that.

Finally,as you know we have a Somali visit at excursion,and there we made a work which makes our nation proud and we built a very nice Turkish ambassador building on 80 acres land.Believe that not only we because of we visited there,all the foreign missions in there,all the Somalias are looking with admiration.While other countries are founding very temporary diplomatic mission in containers,shipyards,Turkey have built the biggest diplomatic mission in Somali at abroad in respect of square meter which shows the importance given to  Somali and Africa.