19 Mayıs University and Somali National University signed a protocol

Somali National University Rector Prof.Dr. Muhammed Ahmed Jimali came to Turkey between 28 April and 5th May.Rektör Jimali firstly went to Samsun 19 Mayıs University for collabaration and mutual studies then he signed a cooperation treaty with Harran University and Iğdır University.19 Mayıs University General Secretary Assoc. Prof. Dr. Menderes Kabadayı and Head of International Relations unit Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Kızılkaya was ready at the SNU REctor’s collaboration protocol signing ceremony with 19 Mayıs University Rector Prof.Dr.Sait Bilgiç on 2th May 2017.Academical and educational activities are targeted to be supported

SNU Rector expressed the graditude of hospitality that was shown to him after the signing ceremony and he said that a bridge will be settled between SNU and OMÜ Universities.

Rector Bilgiç,said that they give a lot importance about improving the international relations and increasing cooperation as OMÜ and added:  “ With the protocol we signed,we opened the door of new formations slightly between the two universities.Therefore,we believe  that we will acquire serious achievements.” After that, Rector Bilgiç presented OMÜ memory gift package to SNU Rector Jimali.